The Portuguese-Spanish Assembly of Geodesy and Geophysics meets every two years alternatively between the two sponsoring countries, Spain and Portugal. Over the past assemblies, a research forum in the fields of Geodesy, Geophysics, Meteorology, Hydrology and Oceanography have been established, and the continuity of scientific exchange between Spanish and Portuguese researchers has been promoted through the presentation and discussion of works in these fields.

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The 1st Spanish-Portuguese Assembly of Geodesy and Geophysics was held in Almeria in 1998, and the 2nd Assembly was held in Lagos (Portugal). The Polytechnic University of Valencia hosted the 3rd Assembly in 2002. Finally, the 6th Assembly was held in Tomar (Portugal) in February 2008.

To address all the issues, the assembly is organized in 9 sessions. All researchers are invited to participate in the various sessions, especially the Spanish and Portuguese researchers in order to make known the results of their most recent works. Since it is useful to address the regional studies, this invitation is extended to the scientific communities of Europe and the Maghreb, as well as to any other foreign scholars interested in the topics of the sessions.

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