Zero Zabor

Learning Notebook (Ikaste Koadernoa)

Workshops of Primary Education

Zero Waste Lunch (1h 30') PDF

Students will assess how much waste is generated and what happens with it. They will apply four strategies to reduce the waste produced in their daily life: Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Re-thinking. Is it possible a Zero Zabor Lunch? The workshop presents the Zero Waste strategies and whether they are worthy.

Zero Waste Lunch  Zero Waste Lunch  Zero Waste Lunch  Zero Waste Lunch

Compost workshop (1h 30') PDF

Students will learn what compost is, why and how it is made. If the school is interested, support is offered to carry out a compost project in the school.


Compost workshop  Compost workshop  Compost workshop  Compost workshop

Checking learning outcomes (1h) PDF

Learning outcomes will be reviewed and their impact assessed. A new waste audit is carried out to check if lunch waste is reduced.